That's a sort of exploration challenge.

Shadow appeared to be sleeping.

I can't be seen wearing the same dress as Jenine.


What should be done if we want to find our soul mate?

Maybe you should ask.

Do you have any cough medicine?

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The beautiful French language is lost.

I'm tickled pink about winning 10,000 yen at the horse races.

I wonder which of you will win.

Once a war breaks out, both sides are in the wrong.

Aren't you supposed to be gone by now?

Asherah is the Persian name for Easter.

These are bad times.

Juliane has never seen Manny dance.

Jane became taller than her mother.

If Sylvan is here, you don't need to worry.

I knew this day was going to come.

Tovah likes American movies, but Svante likes European movies.

Maybe we should tell him.

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Translations can provide explanations to what has been said.

This idea has never entered my head before.

How many of you are there now?

Take a sweater with you so you don't catch a cold.

First of all, let me say how glad I am to be here.


He collected bits of information.

There was a decapitated body on the coroner's table.

It wouldn't hurt if you smiled a little once in a while.

Everybody but Vance knows why his wife left him.

I need to impress them.

My friend wants to talk to you.

Kenn really does hate dogs.


Dan had been dead about six days.

Will you pass me the salt, please?

Jenine is a bit overweight.

You should ask them.

How's everyone doing?

We're going to do as much as we can.

The girl disappeared in the misty forest.

That is because human beings are mammals.

Thanks for reminding us.

I've made them wait long enough.

You can't talk to me like this.


I didn't forget about you.


Look at the size of it!

Ramanan drowned in his neighbor's pool.

How tall are your parents?

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I cannot praise her enough.

Let's go and get them.

They'll get one soon enough.

My sister was successful in the examination.

The old man beguiled the weary day with cards.


The girls won.

I've been watching Saumya.

He often drives his father's car.

Ranjit is growing more concerned by the minute.

We adopted an alternative method.

Sales of beer is at the mercy of weather.

If I'd been more like Saad, I wouldn't have had so many problems.

Dalton enjoys watching basketball games on TV.

I'd rather be fishing.

I think you should tell Jason the truth.

Don't you find me pretty?

It is good to feel that nothing can come between a man and wife.

They are masterpieces of European art.

They haven't found her.

There is a disproportionate number of girls in the class.

Ramsey is very good.

What really happened to him?


I love her daughter.

As compared with my trouble, yours is nothing.

"What manner o' thing is your crocodile?" "It is shap'd, sir, like itself, and it is as broad as it hath breadth; it is just so high as it is, and moves with its own organs. It lives by that which nourisheth it, and the elements once out of it, it transmigrates." "What color is it of?" "Of its own color too." "'Tis a strange serpent." "'Tis so. And the tears of it are wet."

I speak English daily.

I have seen flowers come in stoney places.


Where do you keep your passport?


I am good at speaking English.

Toby's a heavy sleeper and didn't hear the intruder smash the lounge room window.

I regret what happened to her.

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Sanjib accepted our offer.


Rice is sold by the kilogram.

All of the cookies are in the shape of stars.

She spends much money on books.

I met him the other day.

If you act like that, he'll think you hate him.

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Marilyn will have no other choice.

They are required to wear a suit and tie to work.

I've been where you are right now.

Let that be a warning.

Don't ask so many questions.


I've just finished writing a letter.

Which one are you referring to?

Why are you in a rush?

Make sure you wash your hands well.

What makes you think I won't be able to do it?

I know you want to talk to me.

I'm a vegan.


She texted her boyfriend.


He came to the throne by succession.

I want to pick out a present for my friend.

Josip respects you.

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Things didn't go well.


We went to the play yesterday.


I felt comfortable with Charleen.


Dan didn't even kiss Linda.


Lou doesn't know the first thing about programming.

I'll give R$ 50.00 to whoever succeeds in balancing this ball on the head.

My watch needs mending.

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You have a lot to learn about women.


The magician made the young lady float into the air.

Yumi plays tennis on Sunday.

She's about to go.


Grab your gear.


Who else do you want to talk to?

The boys are noisy.

Gunnar's efforts have been rewarded.

There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.

We had an earthquake last night.

I will come back to Canada tomorrow.

You have got a lot of nerve.


Over time, wave action undercuts sea cliffs and thereby causes them to fall into the ocean.

Where's the book and the pencil?

I couldn't be happier about that.

Anger is hard to control.

Why not let me worry about that?


You must work according to your ability.


"It didn't work," thought Anatole and went to call John.

These fireworks are spectacular!

We are looking for a nice house to live in.

They're good enough.

Tuan is my elder brother.

I can take you home.

Since it's very cold, we can skate.

I'll bring her home.

I really need a vacation.

Did Allan let you drive his car?

Quito, Ecuador, is a little south of the equator.

We have no objection to doing that.

We'll begin work soon.


A fine may be issued.

I can't speak French.

You have dishonored the family.

I'm friends with her brother.

I bought this camera yesterday.

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We're not afraid of any difficulties.


His manager is behind him.

Nobody should settle for less when they deserve more.

Do they really care?

I don't believe in that.

They rarely ever wake up this early.

You're not that important.

Remember what happened last time.

Ariel was wearing a ring.

How much more money is it going to cost to finish building our house?

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If he's in town, why can't the police find him?


Never seem more learned than the people you are with. Wear your learning like a pocket watch and keep it hidden. Do not pull it out to count the hours, but give the time when you are asked.

Do not threaten me.

Jane wants me to stop talking to Kari.

He is not stupid.

Perhaps we could do that tomorrow.

I'll read this book.

It's grotesque.


She idolized him.


She doesn't always translate the real answer.